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Hi Thank you for visiting my page. 

I work in acrylic base with Ink painting. This creates a natural gentle atmospheric feel to the work. 

I work on fine linen canvas as I like the smooth quality this gives to the final piece. All my pieces are always ready to hang on deep edge canvas the art follows around the edge of the canvas. 

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My Story

I gain my inspiration from nature. I take many walks through a local forest which is my favourite place to be. The trees are years old and tower over the forest. This took me to work on a different perspective. I see that the natural environment is even more stunning on ground level. I create my art with the vision that a small field mouse would see. On first view of my artwork it looks like an approach to meadow land with trees either side. Yet on closer inspection these trees are actually blades of grass. This represents to me that we are all tiny in the great theme of the things, and that beauty is in the smallest of detail.

I am currently studying a Fine Arts Degree whilst working for a Art Gallery as Gallery Administrator in my local City of Doncaster.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.">

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