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This collection showcases pieces from  the 'Synergy' collection.
Unique contemporary ceramics, featuring the stunning effects created by the Raku glazing method.

"This collection has been developed through my desire to capture the balance in perfection between form and decorative glaze. Where both work harmoniously together creating the synergy of elements"

"My methods allow for exploration and experimentation which results in unique outcomes. With my influence from the natural environment the process of Raku firing captures all the senses that connect us to nature: earth water and fire. My aim is to translate the feelings across of calm and tranquillity in nature as a catalyst in my ceramics."

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My Story

I'm a multidisciplined artist. My most recent work has been focused on my love of ceramics. For me working with clay has endless opportunities. 

I am inspired by nature in woodland areas and aim to capture the essence of the calmness and tranquillity of its atmosphere. The clay structure is earth as the foundation the surface marks, colours and textures represent transient moments of the growth of the forest floor through seasons capturing light and movement.

Translating across to the audience a quiet energy of new growth and rejuvenation.

I am currently studying BA Fine Arts & Crafts at Doncaster Campus in my home City of Doncaster.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.">

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